Enter, the Waldvogels.

These New-Yorkers are something else.
Bubbly and funny … and yes, quirky.   Suffice it to say, most of our good friends are on the quirkier side.  ;)   But that’s good, because we don’t want to be average anyways.  Why be average when you could … oh wait, that post is still in the draft folder, so I won’t spoil it. :)

The Waldvogel family has visited us once before last year, and that was when summer was still in full bloom with tree-swings, and creek wading and all things country adventure.  This year, the rainy, cold weather kept us all inside, where board and group games made their debut.

Several times this trip was almost canceled, due to health issues, etc.  We were so glad when they finally pulled into our driveway!  If it comes to mind, please pray for Mrs. Waldvogel and healing for her body.



Thanks for coming, you sweet people, you!!

Whatchamacallit, etc.

Well, hello there!

It’s a wonderful feeling to be typing up a blog post again.  Sometimes I feel sorry for all you readers who are left in the dark, but that’s only when my schedule slows down enough to remember that we actually do have a blog! 

In case you didn’t catch that, it’s a *hint hint*  …. “I’ve been suuuuper busy folks!”


Autumn 2015 has been crazy so far – and it doesn’t look like it’ll be letting up anytime soon!
We had three large families stay in our home, back to back, through September and the beginning of October.  Included were lots of early mornings, late nights, cooking, cleaning and talking/laughing.   I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat, because I found fellowshipping with and serving my brothers and sisters in Christ to be so refreshing!

In the midst of all that, something monumental happened.  And I mean, something MONUMENTAL.   My oldest brother, Elijah, entered into marriage with Faith Grubb.
Talk about our emotional status during that time … what a roller coaster ride! I wasn’t sure whether I was crying or laughing at any given moment, especially during the actual ceremony.  Of course, it probably helps that the wedding ceremony was such a last-minute thing, due to many variables.  But that’s a story for another day, and in fact, perhaps you should ask the newlyweds themselves to tell you that one ;)



If you still think that our Fall wasn’t that crazy, perhaps you should be notified of some other facts.
We four older girls started taking band lessons, and have also given several music performances.  We actually have three scheduled for the month of December, so you could be praying that everything goes well and God is glorified through our music!




My photography business has taken off with great gusto.  What photography business?  You ask.  Well, that’s another happening around here that hasn’t made it to the public ears yet.  After five long years of saving, I finally purchased {one of!!} my dream cameras and opened a business. It’s growing in leaps and bounds and I am so excited to use my artsy side by creating memorable photos of in love + adventurous people!  God is so good to bless me beyond what I dreamed of :)  Visit my site if you’d like to see some of my portfolio work.  And oh, maybe book me for a session too? ;)  Just a thought! ;)

{one of my favorite recent shots!}

Let’s see, what else has happened?  Think, Olivster ….
… I’m still thinking … :)

We four older girls attended a girls camp for a week in October.  Each day started and ended with devotions and Bible sessions, with games, food, crafts, classes, music, prayer times and lots of talking in between.  What an encouraging week full of Jesus, grace and laughs!


On top of everything else, Elise, Lydia and I have continued to work.  I put in 5, 12-hour work days this past week … quite a schedule!  I enjoy hard work and am thankful for the opportunity to save up cash, slowly but surely.
Of course, there’s all the farm stuff too, although our farm size has decreased recently.  We had a bit of a challenge trying to find our milk cow in heat, but after several attempts, some friends came and picked her up.  She is currently on their farm with their herd to be bred, but it won’t be too long before we have her back and pick up the milking again.

 This isn’t supposed to be an exhaustive post, because many of the things I mentioned here have their own post in the drafts.  But I figured that you all would want the scoop, even if it is a little meager, just to give y’all an idea of what’s been keeping me from blogging.

Until next time . . .


. . . Happy Globe Trotting & Jesus Pursuing.

His Girl,

Meet the Plath Family!

We’re hard pressed to find a family that’s quirkier than us.  You know it’s true.  Walk into our home and the atmosphere hits you like a pumpkin-spice-latte.   {I’m really feeling this Autumn weather, folks!}

We just aren’t your typical kind of people.  And that’s good.  It would take too long here to tell you why I think that’s so fabulous, but maybe one of these days you can come to my house and sit down to hear the story over a pumpkin-spice-latte. {I’m really feeling this Autumn weather, y’all!}

But.  The search is over.  We’ve looked high, and we’ve looked low.  We have found all sorts of people, but never ones like these people.  These are … my people.

What a crammed week we spent with them, indulging in quality time, late night shenanigans, sharing testimonies, dancing and reeling, washing dishes, hiking, playing music and talking and laughing galore … and then some more!  {Who knew that we would be sharing our most embarrassing stories with folks that we met one short long year ago? ;) }

We are so blessed to serve a God who deeply cares about each one of us and who orchestrates things for our good! {Romans 8:28}   He entwined our paths, and He has blessed our friendship from the very start.   Praise the Lord for a week of fellowship with like-minded believers and dear friends!



IMG_7293{As you can already tell, they EASILY win the award for worlds cutest kids!!!}



I have a bunch more photos of our time together – hiking, sharing music, etc. – but the camera card is giving me technical issues when I try to upload them.  If I can get that worked out one of these days, I’ll be sharing those!

Winston Salem


Though not pictured, when you first drive into Winston-Salem, the first thing you’ll probably notice are the tall sky-scrapers and impressive hospitals.  It’s a booming city, with lots of shopping options and even more people.
We usually buy some groceries there, because we save money by purchasing our vegetables, fruits and vitamins in bulk.   I know the Whole Foods there like the back of my hand and I can’t count how many hours I have spent in the past ten years, wandering up and down the isles and trying each sample around seven times.  Literally.
I used to feel like the modern-day Von Trapp Family.  Mom would get a cart and start browsing through vitamins.  Dad, however, would line us all up in age order and then have us follow him in a train sort of fashion around the store … and usually through the candy section ;)  He never told us to march, but I think we often did.  When you have seven eight nine ten kids in a line and they are all trying to walk and keep their shoes on the floor and off the other people’s heels …. well, you end up marching or something close.  And feeling quite conspicuous.

As the years progressed and our ability to meander stores in such a way as to avoid getting lost increased, Dad would allow us to explore the store in pairs or groups.   You never know what you’ll find or who you’ll meet at Whole Foods.  One time I had a worker there try to convince me that Sushi was amazing and I would be sorry if I went home without trying it.  I don’t know how she did it, but down went the Sushi – and I hated it.  Then, there was the sweet cheese lady who would see me standing on the opposite side of the counter drooling looking at all the amazing cheeses and would sometimes cut me a wedge off a bar.  I always liked her :)

Anyways.  Back to Winston-Salem …


Another favorite place to visit was Old-Salem.  It was originally founded by the Moravians, and the quaint streets and delightfully old houses always fascinated me.  I have some very fond childhood memories, walking the streets with my hands in my pockets and gazing longingly through the pane windows as the Blacksmiths, and Shoe-makers, and Carpenters bent over their old benches and crafts.   They never knew that a little blue-eyed girl admired them so much and wanted to be just like them ‘when she grew up’.
Since then, I have grown up …. at least somewhat ;)   Being a hairy, muscular Blacksmith is no longer on my bucket  list – thankfully!! ;) – but I still enjoy watching the reenactors of Old Salem try to preserve the culture and remind us of all the hardships that were once a part of daily life.

When we visited this past week, all the shops were closed and the town had a sleepy look to it.  But we were still able to walk the streets and enjoy the beautiful scenery, blue sky … and each other :)





Below is one of my favorite shots from the day.  Why?  You may well ask.   I’ll tell you – I don’t know.  I just love the lighting, the depth and feeling and the contrast created by the sun. Lovely!




Below is another favorite.  Something about the houses and their magnificent windows against the blue sky made my heart skip a beat and my fingers itch for the shutter button.




Look closely in the above picture.  Do you spy mom?  “That crazy lady in the right corner?!”  I hear you exclaim.  Yep, that’s right!!  She’s a mom in a million and keeps us laughing ;)



The next photo is another favorite – I promise, that’s the last time I’ll say that!  I. Just. Love. It.


Thank you, Elise, for snapping the below photo.  I usually spend my time behind the lens, and it’s rare to have a photo where I’m looking at the camera :)



Oh, I already want to go back!  And hey, if you’re looking for me to shoot a senior session or wedding portraits or anything else … I’m considering dragging you down here to this lovely spot.   Just kidding … but I would love to shoot something here someday *olivster starts dreaming away* :)