Well, Folks …

It has been so long since I’ve blogged and updated all of you readers with the happenings in our little corner of the earth!
The main reason is preparing for graduation and filling out transcripts, taking tests, etc.  It is a bittersweet feeling “finishing” school, and yet I am reminded that though I may be done learning these particular subjects, I will continue to learn for the rest of my life.  I find that such a happy thought :)  I love to learn … to grow … to change … to become … to be conformed to the image of Christ.

Elise and I also had another “official” high school senior shoot done; if you have the time and you are so inclined to look at them, here are the links.  Katie did a wonderful job!!
Olivia Meggs :: Senior Photo Shoot
Elise Meggs :: Senior Photo Shoot

Another reason why I have remained absent is due to trips and travels around the globe.  Wellll.  Not really the globe; just down to Florida, Georgia and then back home again.  But it sure felt like a looong way!
Our time in Florida was simply grand. One long week of swimming, relaxing, beach runs, ice cream, golf, sight seeing, and just spending quality time together as a family. Praise the Lord for blessing our time and efforts!
Nevertheless, I am very thankful to be home.  I love seeing all the red dirt and maple trees and rolling pastures and cows.

I do have a lot of photos and videos to share from the past month, so hopefully I can start catching up on that soon.  You all will have to remind me, as I can very easily forget … ;)

Until then, may each and every one of you grow in all that is pure, lovely, noble and of good report. Philippians 4:8.

HIS Girl,
Olivia Marie


Photoshoot :: Elise & Olivia

Elise and I were so thrilled when Sheila offered to do a photo shoot for our upcoming high school graduation.
Not only was I glad for the chance to spend some quality girl-time doing each others hair, makeup, outfit coordination and photos, but it also gave Sheila some more practice doing portraits.
{come on photographers, we all want more free models for practice!}

We had hoped for sunshine, but were greeted by grey, thick clouds as we walked through the fields.   Nevertheless, Sheila did an amazing job working with the weather and capturing our personalities :)
Thank you so much dearie! <3

















"You seriously want us to jump??" "Ummmm .... I don't know about this ... "
“You seriously want us to jump??”
“Ummmm …. I don’t know about this … “


We had such a fun time, Sheila and Hope!  Next time, it’s your turn :)

The Whacking Game

That’s the official name of the game that includes a stick, a circle of people with various (and sometimes bizarre) animal names, and a person in the middle holding the stick … i.e. the whacker.
This person has the job of using their stick to whack those who call out the wrong animal name or those to fail to respond when theirs is called.

We first heard of the game after the older guys returned from spending a week in Texas with the Grubb Family.  Some of us were skeptical as to how fun it would be to spend our Sunday night playing “The Whacking Game”, but we were soon reformed.  There is just some measure of satisfaction in holding a whacking stick in your hand and having the seating safety of all your siblings and parents depend on you.  ;)
It also requires some strategy.  Dad was known for withholding his whacks until someone sitting in a seat he wanted stumbled, and then he would pounce and claim dominion over his chair – usually the lazy boy ;)

We chose our whacking stick very carefully, wishing to refrain from late night hospital runs over broken bones and busted heads.  A rolled-up tube of heavy duty paper worked well :)
Then we all gathered in the living room and chose our animal names – Lion, Kiwi, Dolphin, Bird, etc – and Joshua explained the game to us.

After everyone chooses their animal name, one person stands in the middle of the seated circle.  Players take turns passing around the names.  For example, let’s say that Lion starts.  Lion will say, “Lion calls Kiwi.”  Kiwi then says as quickly as she can, “Kiwi calls Dolphin”.  Dolphin says with equal speed, “Dolphin calls Bird.”  If Bird is not fast enough in saying “Bird calls … “, she gets whacked.  Then, she must stand up and take the place of the whacker in the middle and the previous whacker can sit down.   Whoops! Before the whacker can sit down, he or she must say their animal name and call another.  (Such as “Elephant calls Butterfly”, etc.).   If they fail to do so, then they get whacked and must stand up and be the whacker again.  And if the person who just whacked them sits down without calling someone else … they get whacked!  Sometimes, these constant switch ups can be most hilarious!

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What’s a favorite game you play together as a family?

// A Farm Girl Note //

so we got a cow. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset that’s not to say that this is the first cow we have ever had, but the first milk cow. she was officially named reblochen, but we were hastily informed that that was the name of stinky french cheese. {which is kinda neat.  anyone ever had???} so, we tried to think of a good name for our first milk cow. visions of elizabeth bennet, or anne elliot raced through my head at first, but gradually, i settled down on lady jane grey or annie.  such nice names for a milk cow, i thought. and yet, outvoted. hands down.  why choose a fancy name, they asked? so they named her caledonia, which is the old name for scotland. {heyyy, i love scotland too!} but i mean to call her cali.  because seriously, could you imagine screaming “CALEDONIA!” at the top of your lungs when the fence breaks and she bolts?? nope. me either.  it would drive the neighbors mad. cali will do nicely.