Spring Fever

It seems that we have not escaped the deadly bought of spring fever this year.  Most of our team is down with this disease, and we are hoping that the large amounts of sunshine and green pastures will quickly restore them.

Today is such a lovely Spring Saturday.  Elijah and I went to town this morning – ran some bank and postal errands and enjoyed various conversations over milkshakes before heading home.
Then I cleaned the kitchen and accomplished several other odds and ends. Josh also helped me transfer bulk food to buckets, label them and store them downstairs.
As I write, Elise’s chili is filling the house with a wonderful aroma, I can hear the banjo in another room, and the clean kitchen is filled with sunshine.  I am so thankful for another day to live, to praise God and to seek to glorify HIM!
I also changed the theme of the blog and uploaded a new header image to try to capture some of the Spring air and bring it to you ;)  If you are looking for more pages, links, archives, etc., look for the arrow on the right hand side of the page – at the very top – and click on that.  It will enable you to scroll through, or close it again.  Neat, isn’t it? ;)

How’s your Saturday going?
Got a song you can’t get out of your head?

I’ve been singing  “Because He Lives” … in anticipation of Easter =)

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“Because He lives
I can face tomorrow
Because He lives
All fear is gone
Because I know He holds the future
And life is worth the living
Just because he lives!”

Saturday Smiles with my Best Friend =)
Saturday Smiles with my Best Friend =)  Sorry for how blurry it is!

Jamming … Don’t Think Food.

Think ….
…. and their musical relatives.

After all, we live in the south, where shindigs, jam sessions and bluegrass bands are as common as water.  Where happy hours are spent informally playing together.

And some recent songs from one such informal and impromptu session is what I’ve decided to share with all of you today.

The Adventures of Kristen Anne {with an e}

Once upon a time, a baby was born.

Never, never start a story this way if you can help it.  It is unimaginative and bores readers to no end, often causing them to immediately put the book down and label it as a dreadfully stodgy hum-drum.  But in this instance it is allowable. For the following story must begin at the beginning, and not flaunt its whimsical ending in the readers face and ruin the climax before it’s time.

This baby was wrinkled and red.  She had a large appetite and a larger voice. Her days consisted of eating, crying, sleeping, eating, crying, sleeping ….. and did I mention eating?  This voracious appetite that she possessed was her means of gaining inches and pounds quickly and scaling levels in the pre-established pecking order of ten siblings.
One day she was our chubby little baby.

The next day, she was a bouncy little girl.  A little girl with feelings, emotions, and a laugh that made us laugh when we heard it.  She went from being the “baby”, to introducing herself as “Kristen Anne.”  When asking for food continuously, we cautioned her against the possibility of becoming obese.  She promptly replied, “But I want to be ‘bese!”
We checked under her bed for empty super-food packages that could make you grow to a whopping three feet overnight.
We had blinked …..

….. she had changed, grown up …

….. and though we missed her coos and giggles, we were mesmerized to listen to her think out loud, to hear her view on life, on herself …. and on us. ;)

on a spring walk adventure …..

the afternoon sunshine was calling our name, so we went for a stroll down the driveway. when I saw the streaks of gold which fell across the road, I naturally bent down to get a picture. she kept on walking, then noticed I was no longer with her. she stopped, turned around and watched me for a moment before saying “are you gettin’ a pitchur of me? I can be a model.” and she posed without a second thought. I smiled and thanked God for reminding me that the rare gold of her heart is far more precious than any earthly sunbeam. || treasure those moments. they pass so quickly. ❤️

photo 1 on a golden light adventure ….

 I was on my way downstairs, hurrying to go outside and take a picture of the evening’s golden light. then I saw her.  she was sitting silently on the sofa, her face turned to the light and soaking up the quiet gold of the moment.  something inside of me broke as I saw the childish innocence on her face, and I thought back to the last time I had sat still, not talking, not moving … just soaking up the beautiful and simple moments of life + pure joy.  it had been too long.  “can I join you?” I asked.

photo 2

on a planned photo adventure …

I saw the shadows flicker across her face and on sudden impulse I whispered, “can I take a picture of you?” she looked up quickly, laughed; she posed, than stopped. “your iPod is broken. let me fix it. you pushed the wrong button” she said. I smiled and let her fix it.
it made a better photo, anyways. ❤️

photo 4

on a traveling adventure …. 

I looked at her and squealed.  she looked at me and squealed even louder.  we were leaving in an hour to go camping and visit with long-time-no-see friends and it was hard to tell who was more excited between the two of us.  then she smirked. “wivia, how ’bout take a pitchur of us togedder waughing?”
we brushed our hair out of our eyes and smiled.  then without warning, she made a funny face and I burst out laughing.  with one small click, a memory of a lifetime was captured.

photo 3

on quiet time adventures …. 

it had been a long day, running here and running there.  after walking what seemed to be millions of miles through strange hallways, we were finally able to sit down in the lobby.  on an impulse we started scrolling through pictures, laughing and whispering.  she caught sight of the above picture.  her face bore a look of horror.  “wivia, that’s a bad pitchur.  wook at Kristen Anne’s face! let’s do another.”
so we did.  and now you tell us which one you like better?

FullSizeRender (18)

Kristen Anne with-an-e, I look forward to many more adventures together!
~ ‘wivia’

Winter is Melting Away. . .

I refrained from posting too many photos of our winter activities – especially the beautiful snow – knowing that they could continue for much longer and I might end up taking prettier pictures after I had already posted so many.   However, this week has been so gorgeous and warm …. Hello, Spring!
To round off our winter, here are some snap shots of different highlights.




 #goodbye cold!

The arrival of baby goats was especially fun …. knowing that this was their last year on our farm!  We recently purchased a milk cow and are selling our goats, hoping to make a smooth switch over to fresh cows milk.  Our new heifer is currently staying at a friends house until all our does have kidded and been sold.  We can’t wait to bring her home!



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We’ll miss them!  Though I think that most of us are ready to move on, branch out and try something new.  I am!

Recently, after working around schedules and snow storms, we finally had our WEP party, otherwise known as a Gag-gift party.  It was a ton of fun!

Everyone wanted to hold Joanna ;)
Everyone wanted to hold Joanna ;)





Mr. Scrooge ;)
Mr. Scrooge ;)


It’s been a fun winter …. but we look forward to Spring!