// A Farm Girl Note //

so we got a cow. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset that’s not to say that this is the first cow we have ever had, but the first milk cow. she was officially named reblochen, but we were hastily informed that that was the name of stinky french cheese. {which is kinda neat.  anyone ever had???} so, we tried to think of a good name for our first milk cow. visions of elizabeth bennet, or anne elliot raced through my head at first, but gradually, i settled down on lady jane grey or annie.  such nice names for a milk cow, i thought. and yet, outvoted. hands down.  why choose a fancy name, they asked? so they named her caledonia, which is the old name for scotland. {heyyy, i love scotland too!} but i mean to call her cali.  because seriously, could you imagine screaming “CALEDONIA!” at the top of your lungs when the fence breaks and she bolts?? nope. me either.  it would drive the neighbors mad. cali will do nicely.

Easter // in which we celebrate our risen savior, eat a hearty meal, and enjoy an adventurous day on the fuhrmann’s farm.

Because He Lives, I can face tomorrow.

Because He lives …

golden hour volleyball.
golden hour volleyball.

… all fear is gone.
Because I know …

4-wheeling + friends.  Best friends, I might add. =)
4-wheeling + friends. Best friends, I might add. =)

… He holds the future.
And life is worth the living …

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I was very blessed to read a paragraph penned by a friend earlier this morning, and with her permission, I’d love to share it with you now.  Welcome, Christy!

Life brings things. Well, rephrase: God brings things into lives. Sound better? Yip.


Because HE LIVES… I can face tomorrow… All fear is gone…. and I know HE HOLDS THE FUTURE! And life is therefore worth the living. Very worth the living. Life is an amazing journey. Mine already has been, and will continue to be. The Lord puts and has put some amazing people into this life of mine. Some people, where you just walk in the room, and they radiate Jesus. His love shines through them so strongly, it makes me feel loved. By God, by people. Just loved. All over. Every imperfect inch of me. (nobody is perfect. but I happen to know just how imperfect I am – not to dwell on it though, that doesn’t do an ounce of good at all!) Every breakdown of tears. Every smile, every laugh, every stumble, every cry. EVERTHING  He loves. Isn’t that just amazing? HE loves it ALL. Everything. The entire ME. Nothing left out, no exceptions. The whole package of ME. And the whole package of me is quite a jumble of mismatched objects in a lumpy bundle. YET, He holds that lumpy package of goods, feelings, actions, thoughts, and says “I love you.” and “I will never let you go!”

I’ve been thinking on that today. Just how He loves me. HOW HE LOVES ME. It quite an amazing thing. Just think about it for a moment! HE LOVES you. Just think about you. Personally. YOU. We are small in comparison, to think, he LOVES everybody, every single person just like that! The whole WORLD! wow. talk about some AWESOME love. And, it’s an unconditional love. A love, that cast out fear, that could never be repaid. For he loved us so SO so much, he sent HIS son, to die, that we might live. HALLELUJAH! He rose again! And we can live because he died. Because He made that sacrifice. FOR US. And yet, we do not sorrow. We do not celebrate DEATH. NO! We celebrate the life! He rose again! Oh glorious morn!

 And several loverly springy photos she sent me as well …




You ask me how I know He lives?

He lives within my heart!

Thundering Fun

Ruummmmble….ruummmmmble… it almost sounds like thunder from inside, but yet, it’s not.  What might that thunder noise be?

You open the front door and look outside, and just at that moment, a blur whizzes pass you.  If you live around here, you won’t be surprised when this happens, but if you don’t live around here, you might holler, pull your head back inside and shut the door.
If you want folks to think you are familiar with the happens around here, this is what you should know.

The younger children enjoy riding their scooters back and forth on the porch and it’s not that hard to coax their older sisters to join them :)  What? Are you shocked? Don’t be :)   It’s a way to join in the fun with the younger children and who said scooters are for little children? It sure wasn’t me.  { okay, if I saw someone who was say, 27 years old, riding a little scooter down the sidewalk in downtown Richmond, yes, I would think it was weird.  But here in ol’ franklin coun’y?  Naw, that’s called fun. }

So, today, little Kristen Annie asked me, ” I was wondering if you would….ride scooters with me?”
I agreed and we were “racing” back and forth on the porch having the time of our lives =)
And I thought of you guys and took some pictures :)



And while we were having fun on the scooters, the Wood Bee Whackers {a.k.a. Would be Whackers – the bees were hiding } were on duty.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI think they got one or two ;)

Until next time,

~ Elise

Spring Fever

It seems that we have not escaped the deadly bought of spring fever this year.  Most of our team is down with this disease, and we are hoping that the large amounts of sunshine and green pastures will quickly restore them.

Today is such a lovely Spring Saturday.  Elijah and I went to town this morning – ran some bank and postal errands and enjoyed various conversations over milkshakes before heading home.
Then I cleaned the kitchen and accomplished several other odds and ends. Josh also helped me transfer bulk food to buckets, label them and store them downstairs.
As I write, Elise’s chili is filling the house with a wonderful aroma, I can hear the banjo in another room, and the clean kitchen is filled with sunshine.  I am so thankful for another day to live, to praise God and to seek to glorify HIM!
I also changed the theme of the blog and uploaded a new header image to try to capture some of the Spring air and bring it to you ;)  If you are looking for more pages, links, archives, etc., look for the arrow on the right hand side of the page – at the very top – and click on that.  It will enable you to scroll through, or close it again.  Neat, isn’t it? ;)

How’s your Saturday going?
Got a song you can’t get out of your head?

I’ve been singing  “Because He Lives” … in anticipation of Easter =)

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“Because He lives
I can face tomorrow
Because He lives
All fear is gone
Because I know He holds the future
And life is worth the living
Just because he lives!”

Saturday Smiles with my Best Friend =)
Saturday Smiles with my Best Friend =)  Sorry for how blurry it is!