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I Added the Recipe . . .

 . . . for the lip balm!  Like I promised I would [grin].  Check back a couple posts to try this fabulous stuff!

“This lip balm is AMAZING!  I was a little wary of it at first because it was ‘herbal’, and we all know that ‘herbal’ and ‘tastes good’ don’t go hand in hand, right? :) But I was definitely surprised and “ordered” my own tin which I now use as often as I think about it. :)  Five Stars!  - the fourth oldest Meggs Child

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Happy Belated Birthday Elijah!


richmond-2012 031



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We’ve Gone Viral!!!

[you know I'm just joking, right?]

Recently, The Meggs Family decided they needed to get together for some ‘jamming’.
You may ask, what the world is jamming?

I know you won’t find the definition in Websters, so I will try to explain it.  Jamming is when everyone brings up their instruments, sits around and tunes them, then starts flipping through the old hymn books.  We strum and fiddle around, everyone singing heartily.  We go from one song to the next and to the next and the next and the next.  We will probably lose track of time.  And we might end up a little hoarse.  But we will sing our way through the hymnbook and several hours.  It’s a large hodgepodge.  Any one can sing any and every part, switch around the instruments and tap their feet to the Bluegrass beat. :)
What more can I say? .  . .  Jamming is fun!
Well, we recently got the idea to record ourselves during several such jamming sessions.  And thus, it is with a great mixture of concern, pride [need to work on that one], humility and humour that we upload these selective videos for you to enjoy.
I uploaded them to YouTube the other day, hence the title joke. [smiles]

Please, leave us a comment telling us what you think!  And enjoy these Bluegrass/Southern Gospel/Hymn/Instrumental Songs.

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Building Up Our Brothers

Don’t you love it when you ask God, “Show me areas in my life where I need to give up my selfish desires and ask You to take control,” and then He brings up the last thing you expected?  Something you thought you had mastered?  Yep!  Me too! [grin]

When I prayed those words recently, I thought He would say, “Remember when you got really mad at ___? Let’s work on anger control.”  Or, “Remember when you were really obstinate and your stupid decision really hurt ___?  Let’s review submission.”  But no, He brought up something I thought I had down really well.  Building Up My Brothers.  [I was like, 'no way!']

Building Up My Brothers.  What does that mean?  And what are some practical applications for life regarding this topic?  Obviously, I am not expert at this and I am growing all the time in this area.  So here’s what I thought I would do; share some of my insights.

♥ How can we bless our brothers?

  • My #1 go-to . . .  Coffee!  My brother Joshua  really enjoys it when we get up and have a cup of coffee together in the morning.  We might talk about the latest mission news, the struggles of yesterday, the plans for today, a funny joke, our brothers and sisters in chains, our favorite memory verses, our devotions, etc.
  • Making them lunch.  My two older brothers are often in and out of the house, one going to college and the other to work.  Making them a couple sandwiches or a special dessert to tuck into their bags, really makes them feel appreciated.  Also, making extra bread the day before so that they can have as many sandwiches as they want [a big plus:)] is another way of saying, “I love you!”
  • Tackling small sewing projects.  Brothers love it when they can bring a torn shirt to their sister and she says, “That’s not a problem!  I can fix it this week.”  I know the rare occasions when I have done this, they have left me little notes saying Thank You!
  • Helping out with farm chores.  My brothers are so appreciative when I take the extra time after my chores to help them with theirs!
  • Special cooking.  My sister Sophia is an awesome example of this!  She loves blessing the men in our house by baking bread, cookies, cakes, bars, etc.  I think they enjoy being her guinea pig :)
  • Doing laundry for them.  In our house we divided everyone into laundry teams based on their bedroom buddies.  Each team then has a day to complete the laundry for that room.  When one of my brothers happens to be gone on his day and we pitch in and do his laundry for him, he is very appreciate!
  • When the men work outside in the summer, we girls love mixing up some iced tea or lemonade and taking them out a cool drink.  They are delighted each time!
  • Leaving little notes around the house.  Whether they contain an encouraging word or a Scripture, everyone loves receiving little notes, don’t they?
  • Buying them a small treat.  I don’t do this very often because everyone’s wallet has a limit [grin], but when I do pick them up a bar of chocolate or a pack of gum, their eyes light up.  Personally, I like to think that the gift has nothing to do with it, only the thoughtfulness, but who knows . . . :)

These are only a couple of ways in which you can bless your brothers!  There are so many more.  Encourage them in their manliness.  Strengthen them as brothers in Christ.  Support them as they go through highschool, college, work, etc.
What we do today will affect tomorrow.  And in the same way, what we don’t do today will affect tomorrow.

Here are three of the men building a calf shelter.  Micah was thrilled that I was taking pictures of him working.  He said working is  what he does best, so I just smiled and thought, “Yup, he’s a man in the process!”

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Winter Wonderland

We certainly got hit hard with snow this year!  With a record 17 inches, we had tons of fun sledding with friends! Of course, the snow was powdery and did not pack well the first few nights.  After walking up and down hills, visiting neighbors and trekking around to find an awesome sledding hill, man, were we sick and tired of walking! Have you ever tried to walk in a foot of snow up and over hills? Well, it’s hard, believe me! Finally, we settled on the driveway which was a great “roller-coaster-ride!”  Over all the Lord really blessed us with all the snow, fun, friends and memories!

photo 1

Once it started melting, it went fast!

Once it started melting, it went fast!

photo 4

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The Best Valentine!

What  do we give our friends on Valentines day? A note that tells them that we love them, right?  Or perhaps Chocolate, or candy or some other token of affection.
But do you know what the very best valentine ever given is?  It is salvation! The word valentine can be spelled out in the verse John 3:16.   We give our friends notes to tell them that we love them, but Jesus did not give us a note! He gave us His life!  It is so much more than I think we will ever realize.   It was not just His life, but He was separated from His Father. He took our punishment for us. God was and is perfect and did not deserve to be separated from His father and feel his Father’s wrath!  He was innocent and undeserving of the wrath we deserved.    In light of our recent Valentines Day, think of the very best valentine given, and thank God for all He has done for you! He really loves you and desires that you would know him and love Him for ever!
Happy Valentines day to you all!  May you have a blessed time with family and loved ones as we celebrate a time to remind one another of our love for each other!

Some pictures from our fun day :)

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